Electronic Music Producer 'Ka fu' is breaking barriers with his debut track ‘Where Everything is Ours’

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Experimental electronic producer Ka Fu will be sharing his debut single ‘Where Everything’s Ours’ on 12 July, from his upcoming debut album Encoding: Master, via Hidden Vibes. Ka Fu is the new experimental music project with roots in Russia. His debut LP, Encoding: Master, is an eclectic release revealing an extremely rich palette of sonic influences. The mixing of the album was handled by Klas-Henrik Lindblad (Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr., The Presets) from Berlin BlackHead Studios.

Born and raised in the previously closed military Russian city of Severodvinsk, which produced nuclear submarines on the banks of the White Sea, and now based in Milan, Italy, Ka Fu developed an insatiable desire for new openings, new knowledge, and new experiences. Ka Fu’s music is driven by the constant change around him, anything - whether it is waking up at 3 am and heading straight to the club or taking a flight across the world - that keeps him from returning to the frozen reality he experienced in his childhood city. Ka Fu’s identity is defined by  freedom from restraint.

The decision to create music was spontaneous. Music brought with it the endless opportunity for experimentation and development with no concern for time. Ka Fu is not a classical musician and, moreover, does not want to be perceived as a musician at all. Ka Fu treats music as a language, using it as a tool to communicate with the world and to construct a “home” wherever he might be. Ka Fu has chosen to abandon the constraints of genre in an attempt to rediscover the unique feeling of creating meaningful sound waves.

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