Music producer oblyx is despondent in new song

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 Credit: Wide Eyed Studios

Genre rebel obylx aka Oliver Johnson has released his single ‘Walk On’ on the significant date of the 1st of June 2020. The music producer is known for releasing a new single on the first day of each month since January 2018. ‘Walk On’ boasts mastering credits by  Prash ‘Engine Earz’ Mistry (Jorja Smith, The Prodigy).

The music producer shares his thoughts on the single “Feelings of despondency after a period of solitude and reflection. Optimism gives way to reality.” Before this highly melancholic diary entry, oblyx released his first single during the global pandemic ‘Day By Day’. Previously featured in Chill Music for ‘Day By Day’, they added,” Johnson(oblyx) manages to charm the listener, even with his display of emotional isolation, I give this credit to the deceivingly cheerful guitar play reminiscent of uptempo 60’s rock.”

As he has previously mentioned,  the alias oblyx is a way for him to express and document  his feelings on life and its challenges.  ‘Walk On’ is Johnson implying that he has hit rock bottom during this global pandemic and that isolation has got its hooks into him.

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