Pop songstress MILENA shares ‘Higher Hopes’ music video

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Having released her EP Higher Hopes last month, MILENA was determined to create her music video for her focus single ‘Higher Hopes’ during this trying time.  Capturing the charming English outdoors paired with MILENA’s vocals, the singer focuses on positive energy in her self-made music video ‘Higher Hopes’ filmed with her iPhone!

MILENA elaborates, “The original idea to make the music video 'Higher Hopes' was a beautiful setting in the English countryside and old fashioned cottage, riding the bike amongst the golden fields...I was just about to shoot the video, then the lockdown happened. I couldn't let that delay me, so with my trusted iPhone X, I shot this video by myself in my North London flat and local park. The message had to be the same: being alone is being strong, with the help of a Creator, with hope, every day is a new opportunity too, just like the time we are all living in currently.”

Reverbs share their thoughts on the video, “MILENA is captivating even under our current circumstances. In this DIY video, she captures pleasantly colorful imagery from her backgrounds to the greenery of the outdoors, creating a light and breezy atmosphere that captures the feelings generated from listening to this song. “

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